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@TristanDance Jul 24, 22:50

Trying to slim down? Lose inches from hips and waist? Look no further #hulahoop #results #Huddersfield restarts Mon…

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Hey @lisa_mason360 @HippoCarFinance thanks for being top new followers this week! Much appreciated :) ➡️Want this 🆓❓

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Good morning all. Tonight we have our #Thursday #salsa #danceclass just for you at 7.15pm #Huddersfield #TDS

@TristanDance Jul 19, 22:53

@horticouture It was a comp my and my son dancing rock n roll, only allowed to take photos

@TristanDance Jul 19, 22:49

Going to have to love you all and leave you my next lesson has just arrived. Thanks for the retweets, likes, follow…

@TristanDance Jul 19, 22:46

@horticouture That was an hour and half in total. Very last@minute

@TristanDance Jul 19, 22:45

@HenorStagHour I'd say I've got the best job in the world. It's my passion and my art, bonus is getting paid for it lol

@TLbridal Jul 19, 22:44

Hi #weddinghour we are a unique bridal experience in #axminster #devon - here is our dress of the month by…

@thesecretgard13 Jul 19, 22:43

Read our #blog this week about a recent summer #wedding #WeddingWednesday #weddinghour #weddingflowers

@SimplyBowsChes Jul 19, 22:43

It's #weddingWednesday! Take a peek through our gallery for decor inspiration #weddinghour

@TristanDance Jul 19, 22:43

Can't wait for the full version of this. Now that we found love #unusual #fun #unique #weddinghour

@TristanDance Jul 19, 22:42

An old one but a good one #Metallica #firstdance #weddinghour

@TristanDance Jul 19, 22:40

A few wedding dances #weddinghour

@TristanDance Jul 19, 22:39

@MrsWTutus Beautiful x love the colour

@TristanDance Jul 19, 22:38

@HenorStagHour Waiting for a few to be sent at the moment I'll see what I can dig up

@TristanDance Jul 19, 22:37

@HeidiHicksLdn @WeddingAffair Trading standards is a good place to try, or even go down sanitation/food health department

@UltimateWedMag Jul 19, 22:36

This is a popular post to share with your brides, tips on avoiding fake wedding dresses!

@TristanDance Jul 19, 22:36

@horticouture Burlesque is all about the tease, yes there is the element to remove clothing should you wish, flamen…

@freefalldesign1 Jul 19, 22:34

Fancy a beautiful Scottish Golf Hotel for your perfect venue? Check out @Murrayshall ❤️❤️❤️#WeddingHour

@PapaKata Jul 19, 22:34

This looks delicious 😋 #weddinghour

@weddingpackage3 Jul 19, 22:34

Sequin runners are abit hit this year. We have a selection of colours, red,gold,silver,rose gold,blush pink.…

Tristan dance studios

IDTA Dance studio in Huddersfield all styles of dance family run for over 40 years. We offer classes, courses, private lessons and monthly social events.. Come and see our latest offers, courses, classes, workshops and social events. We offer fun for the whole family. This is a dance page for our students to also interact with and add videos of themselves dancing or photos in various dance poses,

Doing what we do best and living to dance

Some of our Saturday kids doing pantomime.

Tristan dancing his street routine all in anticipation of our next show.

Nigel and Emma dancing an American Smooth Waltz back when Emma first started with the studios

6 Week Courses need to be reserved and paid via paypal link through our website.
Item Name Price
Children's Multistyle Class 2.5hrs £7.00
Adult Dance Class 1hr £6.00
6 Week Course per couple £70.00
Wedding packages available from 5 hours at £130.00
1-2-1 lessons £22.00

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